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When a water disaster strikes your home, your first call should be to Travis County Restoration so we can activate our disaster response team and quickly mitigate further damage to your home and belongings.  Our locally-owned firm is committed to these two critically important concepts:

  1. Act quickly to mitigate further damage caused by standing water and ultimately reduce your long-term restoration costs
  2. Execute a carefully planned program to activate our water extraction team while reducing the stress of your situation in dealing with property insurance adjusters

You will speak with a live person no matter what time of day that you call.

So don’t delay and call our local team of certified restoration experts right now.


Immediate removal of standing water and extraction of moisture is critical to minimizing any long-term damage to your property.  Faster water extraction = greater chance to save drywall and flooring = less costly restoration.

Call Travis County Restoration for Same Day Service

Whether due to an unexpected plumbing accident or from mother nature unleashing a rain and hail storm that is too much to handle, Travis County Restoration stands at the ready to remove the standing water and extract the moisture that remains in your flooring and walls.  And because this is one case when time is of the essence, we offer 24-hour emergency service and can get started before your insurance company can even get you an adjuster.

Why is Water Removal time sensitive?

Your home and belongings are like a sponge.  The longer that water is in contact with your floors, walls, austin-tx-residential-water-damagebaseboards, and furniture . . . the more water is absorbed.  And when more water is absorbed, it then takes more time and more resources (AKA more money) to get everything dried.  And getting everything dried quickly is vital to restoring your home as it was before.

Moisture = Mold: We all know how muggy Austin can be and this is not a good thing when we are trying to dry your home and belongings.  In addition to removing rugs and carpets with powerful industrial fans, we may also position dehumidifiers to pull the moisture from the air.  It’s a simple, time-consuming process but one that is necessary: use fans to aid in speeding along the evaporation process and then use dehumidifiers to pull that moisture out of the air.

Technology That Sets Us Apart

What you see is not always what you get.  Moisture is a very sneaky culprit and can do its worst damage over the long term . . . long long after any signs of distress.  Trace amounts of moisture can get in your drywall and mold will begin growing even after the wall feels dry to the touch and there’s a new coat of paint.  There is no visible signs of water . . . only the signs of mold after it has spread and your home has become a health hazard for your family.

Travis County Restoration uses best-in-industry infrared detection cameras to see through the outer layer of drywall and detect areas of moisture invisible to the naked eye.  Unfortunately, use of these cameras is not required by law and so other water extraction companies may not always bring this level of detection to a job site.  But our certified technicians use these hi-tech cameras to monitor the surfaces in your home frequently and only remove the drying equipment once the moisture has reached a naturally-occurring level.

Austin-mold-inspection-300x144 (2)


Because moisture evaporates, and evaporation causes a temperature decrease (just like perspiring cools your skin), our cameras are able to detect trace amounts of moisture still embedded in your home’s surfaces.

But don’t take our word for it; become an educated buyer.  The Centers for Disease Control has published an excellent fact sheet for the potential health effects of mold in your home.  And the Environment Protection Agency has issued a brief guide on risks and prevention tips for mold that has taken a liking to the comfy climate of your beautiful Austin home.

After you’ve done your research, don’t waste another minute and get us on the phone.  We will get started on the extraction while helping you through the insurance claim process, and then you can explore the next steps for restoring your property to like new.

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